"It was important for me and my family to help organizations like the Christmas Bureau..." 

During the pandemic, we were unable to see our loved ones (or even hug them). So, in order to stay connected with family and friends, Jilliane started Handheld Hearts.

"I felt so sad that I couldn’t see my friends or family members; I wanted to find a way that we could be connected even when we were 6 feet apart. Like Handheld Hearts, you keep one and give the other to someone who you care for so you are always connected physically and spiritually." 

Each month Jilliane picks a charity to donate a portion of the proceeds and the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton was very proud to partner with Handheld Hearts last winter. 

Jilliane donated 100 sets of Handheld Hearts plus $1 from each set sold online to the Christmas Bureau towards holiday meals and teen gift cards for families in need. 

With young people like Jilliane at the help, the future of philanthropy looks bright in our community. 



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