What is Adopt-A-Teen?

My son was so happy to receive his gift card. He was very honored and shared it all with his younger cousins, because he felt they needed it more. He said "seeing my younger cousins happy is one of the greatest gifts I’ll ever get." As his parent, I could not be more proud of his gratitude and affection towards our family. Thank you so much. 

Adopt-A-Teen is a Christmas Bureau gift program that provides a $75 gift card for Edmonton teens aged 13 to 17 years.

Upon the realization that there was no Christmas gift program in Edmonton for underprivileged youth once they turned 13 years of age, this program was created in 1999. In the first year, several hundred teens received gifts - since then the program has grown.

Today, teens aged 13 to 17 years, who are registered with the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, are eligible to receive a gift card.

With your help, we can support more than 7,500 youth this holiday.

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