Our Mission:

Promotion of the spirit of Christmas caring and sharing in the City of Edmonton.


To provide a festive meal and coordination of Christmas giving to Edmontonians in need.

Why Statement:

It is greater than one meal. One act of kindness can impact someone for a lifetime.

Core Values:

  1. Share the spirit of giving and collective caring
  2. A spirit of compassion, generosity and support
  3. A spirit which offers hope
  4. Culturally inclusive
  5. Non-judgmental


  1. All persons in need are treated with utmost dignity, respect, courtesy and confidentiality.
  2. Provide assistance to a person in need to be charitable - not disparaging, disconsolate or punitive.
  3. Provide assistance in accordance with good stewardship principles.
  4. Pursue and develop partnerships in the community.