Leave a Legacy of JOY

The Christmas Bureau has been part of our lives since the late 90’s. The assistance it provides during the Christmas season has become an integral part of our community. We have made a bequest in our will to the Christmas Bureau to ensure this important work continues well into the future."

Dr. and Mrs. Randall Yatscoff

This is the JOY that legacy gifts make possible each year

Every holiday season, we see family traditions come to life around dinner tables across Edmonton. The tapping of forks on plates, a child’s giggle, a teen’s shy smile, and the aroma of a special meal that brings everyone together. 

We know that Christmas will come around every December and unfortunately, there will continue to be individuals, seniors, and families that struggle financially to make this time special - but the Christmas Bureau will be there to take stress off the table.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a legacy gift?

    A legacy gift is a charitable donation arranged during a donor’s lifetime, leaving some or all of a donor’s estate to a charity or charities of their choosing.

  2. What types of legacy gifts are there?

    Legacy gifts generally are made through: 

    • Gifts in Will

    • Gifts of Stocks/Securities

    • Endowment Fund

    • Life Insurance Gifts

    • Retirement Plan Giving

    • Charitable Remainder Trust

  3. How do I plan for legacy giving to the Christmas Bureau?

    We recommend seeking legal and financial counsel as well as discussing your decision with your family. When seeking legal and financial counsel, be sure to use our legal name, Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, and to refer to our registered charity number: 11922 2925 RR0001. 

  4. I’ve discussed my decision with my family and have sought the advice of a financial and legal advisor. Now what should I do?

    We would be happy to assist you in identifying opportunities for legacy giving with the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton.

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