Fundraisers are an important part of the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton’s annual campaign. From office raffles to corporate breakfasts, hot chocolate sales to gift wrapping, Edmonton is always finding unique ways to support local families.

Your fundraiser will make a difference, no matter how big or small it might be. And, organizing a fundraiser is easy!

  1. Check out our Fundraising Toolkit for tips and ideas.
  2. Fill out our online applications form here or download our application form here.
  3. We’ll review your application and endorse your fundraiser on our website.

Looking for inspiration? We’ve collected examples of some of our favourite fundraisers:

Fundraisers don’t need to be big. They can be small—sometimes in the form of very small trees! For 12 years, a division of Alberta Education has been hosting a Festival of Very Small Trees right in their office. Employees are encouraged to decorate tiny trees which then go on display in the office during work hours. Staff and visitors are encouraged to bid on the trees, with proceeds going directly to the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton.

This more than decade long tradition has resulted in some pretty spectacular tiny trees, with one tree even being decorated with Oilers’ tickets!

The Festival of Very Small Trees is a great example of colleagues getting together and doing something unique and fun during the holidays, all for a good cause.

We love seeing young Edmontonians taking the initiative to help families in their community. It’s so inspiring! That’s why we’re so proud of the annual Candy Cane Lane Hot Chocolate fundraiser.

For nearly 5 years, a group of young fundraisers have been braving the cold weather and selling hot chocolate to the visitors of Candy Cane Lane to raise money for local families. In their first year, they raised $401—that’s enough to help four families! Since then, the fundraiser has expanded in popularity, with more and more of their friends jumping on board to help.

“People don’t always have the best life, and need help with food at Christmas,” says Emily, one of the fundraisers.

This event is proof that even what might seem like a small fundraiser can make a big impact. Whether you’re organizing a corporate fundraiser or selling hot chocolate, you have the ability to make a difference in your community.

Sometimes a fundraiser begins as a group of like-minded people getting together, having some fun, and doing some good. That’s how it started for Jay, anyway.

In 2014, Jay organized the first ever Capital Airsoft Battle Royale. An avid airsoft player himself, he saw an opportunity to take something he and his friends really enjoyed doing and turning it into an event to support a charity he believed in.

A lot of hard work goes into to planning the event every year but, in the end, he believes it’s worth it. And when asked what his most important piece of advice is, his answer is simple: “feed your volunteers!”

Jay with Christmas Bureau Campaign Director, Darlene