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Please note: The Christmas Bureau makes every effort to accommodate specific requests, but general needs will be identified first.

Code of Conduct and Oath of Confidentiality

I (we) understand as a condition of my involvement as a PRIVATE HAMPER SPONSOR that I (we) am expected to maintain this code of conduct and confidentiality during and after my involvement as a private hamper sponsor.

  1. All client information is to be held in the strictest of confidence and only to be used for the purpose of delivering the hamper.
  2. Breaching client confidentiality is a very serious offence and using client information for purposes other than the delivering the hamper is against the law.
  3. Contact for any other reason and outside of the delivery time is strictly prohibited and will result in the private hamper sponsor being banned from future deliveries.
  4. Serious offences will be reported to the Edmonton Police Service.
  5. It is strongly recommended, to protect client privacy, that hamper sponsors not deliver to people they know or within their neighbourhood.
  6. Any person delivering the hamper to the client is required to sign the Oath of Confidentiality.
  7. When delivering he food hamper, no more than two people are permitted to meet the client at their door so as not, to overwhelm the client or mae them feel uncomfortable. Please be sensitive to the client’s situation.
  8. In order to respect client’s dignity, confidentiality and to minimize any risk of false allegations made against you or the Christmas Bureau, fraternizing or visiting into the home of the client is NOT permitted.

I (we) understand that any information abot clients secured by me (us), in the pursuit of my (our) duties with the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton is of a confidential nature.

I (we), the undersigned, hereby undertake to respect that confidentiality, privacy and dignity of Christmas Bureau clients and will take all reasonable precautions to safeguard it.