"Giving back to the community is key to building up your confidence."


Growing up in Edmonton, Drea can vividly remember the days when she started delivering food hampers with her family at Christmas time. 

"Even though we’re not very religious, I love Christmas and the time we spend together as a family, which included volunteering." 

This joy of helping others and giving back to the community fostered more opportunities for her to volunteer with the Christmas Bureau, including Taste of Edmonton and the Christmas Carnival. 

"I think it’s really impactful and a good cause, just because you just never know who is in need. " 

However, it was not so easy for Drea to connect with others. 

Diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety in high school, it was difficult for her (at first) to continue with her volunteer opportunities, but she persevered and kept going despite her limitations. 

Although Drea has struggled with anxiety for a long time, being involved with the Christmas Bureau has really helped her feel more comfortable and confident over time, especially for her first job.

"Thank you to the Christmas Bureau for appreciating me. Because I’m so much younger, thank you for trusting me. It’s really appreciated because I really struggled with that from other employers. Thank you for giving me the confidence to succeed on my terms." 





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