Fostering employee engagement through generosity.

For many years, Bruno Muller, the President of Caron Transportation Systems, has been supporting the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, first as an individual donor, then as a corporate donor through an employee donation matching initiative.

The donation matching initiative started with an idea. His employees had always received a Christmas gift - it was the company’s way of thanking them for all their hard work throughout the year. "But," Bruno thought, "what if we gave them the option of donating the value of the gift back to the Christmas Bureau instead? On top of that, we’ll match their donation." And so started a tradition of corporate giving.

"It’s a source of pride among our employees," said Bruno. "As leaders in our workplaces, I think it’s important that we give employees the opportunity to contribute. It’s uplifting." Employees understand that there’s certainly no obligation, but having the option available for those who would like to participate is important for the company.

For Bruno, the reason for supporting the Christmas Bureau was simple. "I know they’re responsible with their spending," said Bruno. "Most of the money goes directly to people who need it." There are so many worthy charities to support, however, the Christmas Bureau has a special place in Bruno’s heart. "When was the last time these people in need had a great meal, that was more than just the staples? It’s something we take for granted and yet it means so much."

It’s more than one meal. It creates lasting memories.


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