For the past 80 years, we’ve been providing festive meals to vulnerable families, seniors and individuals in need. It’s a little act of kindness that can brighten the holidays for local seniors like June. The year June applied for assistance, she had lost her husband and was struggling to make ends meet. With no family in Edmonton, she contacted us and was grateful for the generosity of donors like you, who helped ensure she felt supported in her time of grief and need. 

Your donations mean more Edmontonians like June are supported. They may be someone in our lives, going through difficult times without us even knowing it. For them, a festive meal can be an invaluable treasure, bringing hope for a brighter future. 

This year, the need is greater than ever. Please consider making a gift today to help provide a festive meal to over 45,000 Edmontonians in need this holiday season.