New to what we do.

 Fadi and his daughter showed up to our walk-in days last year for the first time and he knew something was different.  He waited patiently in line like the many who had come that Friday.  As he waited he watched all the people being assisted by the many volunteers who had come to give back that weekend.  He noticed so many different languages people spoke and the different countries they came from.  Families, single people, seniors and many children, all there looking to make their festive season a little brighter.

 He noticed one of the Christmas Bureau workers struggling to understand and help a couple that didn’t speak any English.  He stood nearby and then cautiously asked if he could help.  The staff member asked “Do you speak Arabic?” he replied he did and helped with the many questions for that couple. He then asked if we wanted him to stay and help translate for the rest of the day. We did and he went about helping so many people with his 5-year-old daughter by his side.  They fit right in and went straight to work.

 At the end of that day Fadi asked if we needed help the next day as well and of course, we welcomed him and his offer to help with the many people that would be showing up to look for a way to celebrate the season. Fadi came the next day and worked as a translator and while he wasn’t doing that he jumped in where needed.  Whether that was translating, moving people, helping load boxes or doing some paper shuffling, this guy was busy!

 Fadi says he is grateful for what he received that day.  He was also so happy to give back to a place that welcomed him so well. “I want to come back every year”.

 Thanks Fadi for giving to our neighbours here in Edmonton.

Thank you for using what you have in your hand to help so many. We look forward to working with you for years to come.

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