Event Follow Up

Thank you to the families of Candy Cane Lane for braving the cold for your hot chocolate sales

Your fundraiser meant that 60 children were able to enjoy a festive meal this holiday season! 

Event Details


Location: Candy Cane Lane

Price: $1 per hot chocolate sold

This hot chocolate sale was started in 2007 by two sisters who live on the lane. With so much foot traffic, they saw an opportunity to fundraise- and the annual hot chocolate was born (The Christmas Bureau has been very fortunate, in that we have been the lucky recipients of this fundraiser for the last 7 years). 

Over the last 12 years- this event has raised over $16, 000.00 for Edmontonians in need during the holidays.

So please....gather the family on December 21 this year- and walk the lane. For just $1/cup, you are making it possible for so many to enjoy a festive meal during this special season.

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