Matt Bell #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... my Mom’s classic stuffing. There’s a special way she makes it and no one does it better in my eyes!
Christmas Bureau #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout .... scalloped potatoes and family. Taylor
Stuart #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout .... Take out Chinese food for Christmas evening.
Christmas Bureau A big thanks to @BDO_Canada and its staff for supporting us this year! #itwouldntbexmaswithout
bingofuel #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout coffee and baileys on xmas morning!
Wendy Batty, Executive Director #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout .... our great volunteers. Thank you for your support and dedication.
Leeann #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... perogies.
hollieonthespin #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... gingerbread cake! #yummy
Christmas Bureau @GarageCondos Thanks for the mention. #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout your support. #appreciative #thankful
Trevor Robb @ChristmasBureau #itwouldntbeXmaswithout Egg nog & Rum :) I had to be honest....Haha
Christmas Bureau @calderbateman @rothandramberg Thank you both for the amazing work. It is a fun campaign! #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout food on the plate! #yeg
Christmas Bureau @GarageCondos Thanks for the call out. Comes at a good time for us. At 15% of our goal. #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout
Gil ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... my aunt Pat’s sausage rolls ... She died several years ago and I commemorate her by having a Christmas drop
gawronskiang @ChristmasBureau you bet! #ItWouldntBeXmas Without ... homemade perogies - sour cream on the side :)
Sandi #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout .... Mom’s Unbelievably Good Brussels Sprouts!
chelseabird3 #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout a #GingerBradPaisley gingerbread house!! @CISNCountry go team!!
SUNAllisonSalz @ChristmasBureau Close! I do love pie. But I can’t live without stuffing. #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout
Kim #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... family, especially grandkids!
sonic1029 #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... Chocolate
Willie #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... appetizers, snacks and watching "It’s A Wonderful Life".
Christmas Bureau "ItWouldntBeXmasWithout the amazing creative gift from @calderbateman. #thankyou #grateful #amazing #creative
Christmas Bureau This is what cookie decorating is all about! More in the tummy then on the cookie!!! #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout
blarg_is_blarg I know it’s not for everyone, but for me #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout chocolate oranges!
Barb #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... Pierogies - lots of them. A main staple of Ukrainian meal at Christmas time.
Sharon #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ….. made from scratch Christmas pudding and lemon sauce.
Robert #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... ripple chips and dip.
RobWilliamsCTV Tradition themed @ChristmasBureau campaign ..we chat w/ Wendy Batty & @EdmontonOilers Pres Kevin Lowe @ 6:52 #itwouldntbexmaswithout #yeg
Christmas Bureau #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout .. @CityofEdmonton Fire Rescue accepting @ChristmasBureau donations.
Christmas Bureau #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout .... turkey. Here @albertateachers. #thankyou for your support
Kevin Lowe, Honorary Campaign CoChair #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton. Please support this worthy cause.
This Bird’s Day @ChristmasBureau #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout MY FAMILY and our three crazy cats!
Bruce, Copper Jackets #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... helping the Christmas Bureau through the Face Off Against Hunger Luncheon.
Carla #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout me and my kids watching White Christmas curled up on the couch, with a blanket & popcorn. #Greatful #xmas #family
sonic1029 #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout .... Rick Lee
Oil_Foundation Kevin Lowe & the #OilersLadies are proud to once again be the honorary co-chairs of the @ChristmasBureau. Please support this worthy cause!
sonic102.9 #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ... It’s a Wonderful Life
Christmas Bureau #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout ..... eggnog. Anthony from @albertateachers
Christopher Weiss #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout .... shortbread (it reminds me of my grandmother).
Christmas Bureau @Oil_Foundation, #CopperJackets - #ItWouldntBeXmasWithout .... your support. Thanks for all you do!
Christmas Bureau @MLAA_Edmonton A big thank you for your support at this year’s Christmas Luncheon! #itwouldntbexmaswithout

Providing a Festive Meal to Edmonton Families in Need

2013 Campaign Thank You

The Christmas Bureau of Edmonton’s mandate has remained the same since 1940 – to provide a festive meal to Edmonton families in need.   As the diversity of Edmonton continues to grow, the contents of the festive meal may change, but the simplest of traditions - eating together - remains each year.

For our Christmas Bureau families this tradition of eating together would not be possible without the generous support of Edmonton and area residents, business and groups. Your generosity has not gone unnoticed and is truly appreciated.

Here are some quotes from our clients:

“Thanks to everyone for all the work done to give a number of families some Christmas joy.”

“I am so grateful for your organization and the work you do. Thank you so much for this little extra at Christmas when it means so much.”

“I honestly don’t know what to say other than thank you from the very bottom of my heart. If my life ever turns around, you can believe that my donations to the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton will be very generous like your hearts are.”

“I just want to thank you for helping me to feel hope this first Christmas since my husband passed away.”

“No one expects to fall on hard times, but it’s nice to know if it ever happens Edmonton has organization like the Christmas Bureau to help you out. Thank you for making the Christmas I needed help a truly special one.”

How Your Donations Helped

Client Services:

As a connector of over 100 agencies we work to reduce duplication of services through the use of a database acting as a filter to ensure that clients are served once.

Clients have one application form to fill out for service by three Christmas charities thereby simplifying their process for receiving Christmas assistance.

The Christmas Bureau of Edmonton was able to provide the following festive meals because of donor generosity:
→  12,430 families
→  2,680 seniors
→  5,660 singles and couples


Community Festive Celebrations:

38 organizations received financial assistance for food for their Community Festive Celebrations.

Funding for the Community Festive Celebration is provided for grass roots events which are primarily led, organized and run by volunteers and that bring together individuals and families that would not be able to celebrate the festive season otherwise.

2013 GOAL

$1.8 Million


As Edmonton’s Christmas charity, we truly are about neighbour helping neighbour during the festive season.

Please donate and help provide a festive meal to 61,000 Edmontonians in need.

The more the merrier...

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